The team at High On Paws decided to supply raw meals at affordable prices to fellow pet owners because our pets are on raw meals themselves and we have seen how feeding raw meals improved the quality of our pets' lives. If you have any doubts about raw feeding and its benefits or transitioning your pets to raw meals, please feel free to approach us to learn more! If you are ready to feed your pets raw meals, please read the short guide and click the button below! 

Psst... We are working to provide raw meal grind options for our customers. Stay tuned!

G U I D E   F O R   O N L I N E   O R D E R :

1. Please only input numbers for the weight of your pet. Decimals are allowed!

2. For orders more than 1 month, please submit the order for a month's supply and contact the team at High On Paws. We will gladly assist you in arranging monthly deliveries at prices that are even more competitive!

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