O N L Y   T H E   H I G H E S T   Q U A L I T Y   F O R    Y O U R   P E T

M O N T H L Y    S P E C I A L S


Celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival with our pet-friendly mooncakes!

Our mooncakes are made of 100% natural ingredients - Japanese potatoes, steamed lean meat and quail eggs. Allow your furkids to indulge in guilt-free pleasure with our homemade mooncakes! 


Quickly grab a set for your furry friend, while stocks last! 


100% Human-Grade Ingredients

No Preservatives, Additives or Chemicals


High-Quality Bandanas

Shipped from International Retailers

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Fully Customizable Raw Meals

Following the Prey Model Raw (PMR)

A B O U T    U S

The greatest motivation behind setting up High on Paws is our very beloved dog. Since young, she suffered from multiple bacterial skin infections due to food allergies. After multiple vet visits, we decided to make homemade treats and raw meals for her consumption. While doing so, we realized the importance of high quality ingredients. This is why we make a commitment to always source for hormone-free, antibiotic-free and human-grade ingredients. At High on Paws, there is complete transparency with regards to the ingredients we use. Best of all, we provide these products at an affordable price.

As we continue to expand, we will remain committed to provide the best experience for our customers. This is why we hope for High on Paws to be a wholesale distributor of dog accessories. The brands and collections that we choose to bring in will be carefully selected to provide the best and nothing less.